Killick Stay-at-home Monk cover

My first vinyl LP. The music works with the format as a full partner. Extensive poetry on the sleeve and insert and label accompanies the sounds. There’s no online edition. Available in-person & through SquidCo

Killick - Old Hat to Clothed Toes

on a slightly different note, there’s also Old Hat to Clothed Toes, my humble kiss to a masterpiece…


“It's genuinely weird and awesome. Thank you for sending it my way. I loved Master of Puppets when I was a kid and your recording really does have this effect of being a sort of dreamlike shadow of the original. It's actually inspired me to do something similar with a different album...” - guitarist Christopher Riggs

“Nice album dood! Sounds like an alien race called the borgs invaded earth, took acid and made a ballet. Hahaha!! Srsly tho, really cool and weird stuff.” - artist Kim Deakins

“I love it. It's stark, crazy, and yet I know exactly what is happening. It's like aliens visited earth in 1986 and found a Metallica record, and then went back to their planet to demonstrate what music is to their people using this record and a theoretical knowledge of how the recording is played back. Their only knowledge of earth music is MoP, but they didn't get a chance to look at the instruments used, so they invented their own. It became very popular there, and now the whole planet makes music based on this one record. Strangely enough, they aren't aware of the concept of entertainment, but instead think it is used to stimulate crop growth because is winds up being very effective in that regards. In fact, it wound up being so successful, they had a massive surplus of food and decided to show their gratitude to Earth by bringing a massive shipment of food back with them. However, the shipment was hijacked and taken to the home planet of an enemy species, so they are currently rethinking their planet's defense strategy.” - carbon fiber sitar builder Harry Shaffer

“Just listened to side A of Old Hat. On the treadmill! Such a headphones listen. It's pretty incredible. I admire what you've done here. Seems like the homage allowed you to shift your own trajectory and impulses. But it's more than an exercise, it's very artful. Still struck by that Vangelis synth in Old Hat and the guitar solo in Ethereality. I really like seeing the cover on my phone too!” - artist Dale Inglett

“I’m really enjoying this album! I’m not a huge fan of Metallica, so I don’t see how this is a “cover” lol, but nonetheless I’m loving this!!!” - artist Mux Blank

“Your musical creativity amazes me. You are the only artist I’ve ever heard who does not repeat himself...constant exploration.” - builder Rick Toone

“Bananas!!!” - designer Kim Yurcik

“Brilliant conception and execution! Love the alternating attack and flow.” - drummer John Norris

“WoW!!! That was awesome! Absolutely the coolest and most inspiring music I’ve heard in a while. Thank you so much for sending this to me. You are truly brilliant and to get to hear your musical development over the last 19 years…or in the words of the amazing Susie Allen, “Woooow, fuck! I mean what the fuck. This is so...fuck!”.” - trumpeter Jeff Crouch

“Is Lars Donkey Kong?” - guitarist Tom Eisenbraun

“Seriously? I'm not at all familiar with Metallica's catalog, but of course I have to go back now and compare what you did with the original…I must say, some guitar sounds you came up with are absolute gems.” - designer Paul Vo

“No mold whatsoever on your riffs!” - fretless guitarist Adam James Wilson

“Love the concept.” - therapist Ann Larie Valentine

“I cannot even tell what you are playing.” - mathematician Dave Slutzky

“❤️” - thereminist Scott Burland

“Dude that is sweet.” - singer/guitarist Jim McCarren

“Oh nice.” - pedal maker Nick Greer

“Oh sweet!” - musician/dancer Iputu Hiranmayena

“Ha!! Amazing.” - guitarist Charlie Rauh

“That’s pretty crazy.” - guitarist Jim Wisniewski

“Cool.” - singer/guitarist Chris Flowers

“Another catchy title! And some really neat sounds in this one! 😍” - my mom

Thanks for listening.

Thanks for listening.